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Our goal is to provide the essential tools needed to accomplish the ministries of the Church and the Community.

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It is our mission to provide the highest quality audio and video services within the Church, as well as to provide media to senior citizens, the sick and shut-in, and incarcerated. Below are some examples of our gifted Pastor, Rabon L. Turner and our dynamic choir, "The Voices of Hope."

Pastor Rabon L. Turner

The Voices of Hope

Sermon Podcast

Podcast Sermon of Pastor Turner - God Will Take Care Of You (2 Chronicles 20: 15-25).

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The New Hope Calendar will keep you up to date on special events, weekly ministries and activities at New Hope.


The New Hope Blog purpose is simply to provide direction, guidance and spiritual nourishment.

New Hope CDC


812-425-3651 (office)
812-425-3652 (fax)


The New Hope CDC's Mission is to educate and empower program participants through mentoring and community development while promoting a healthy spirit.


The vision of New Hope CDC is to stimulate sustained growth in the local community to thrive by utilizing their current resources, as well as educating and empowering them to tap into potential resources.

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The New Hope Community Development Corporation is proud to be the Center for Educational Excellence. We are in partnership with twenty two S.I.D.A. churches, which provide tutoring for grades K-12 at multiple locations. The program focuses on education enrichment, career exploration, intellectual reinforcement, and introduction on how to effectively handle money. The subjects taught are reading, math, science, social studies, and language. The tutoring sessions are Tuesday and Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.


*Elevate GPA's - Increase I-STEP scores

*Engage in community service

*Spiritual Awareness through participation

*Conflict resolution skills

*Parenting skill support

New Hope Community Development Corporation believes in empowering our program participants to become self-sufficient and assists clients in getting connected to the world of work. This program collaborates with employment agencies, employers, and Work One to provide their referrals and/or our program participants with transportation to and from work when public transportation is no longer available and includes areas where public transportation is not provided.

1. Transport employees to multiple work sites where public transportation is either not available or not operating
2. Increase ridership to reach over 400 persons for fiscal year 2016
3. Assist homeless individuals, transitioning individuals, and ex-offenders seeking re-entry into the community and work force
4. Establish additional partnerships with community organizations, employment agencies and employers to increase participation
5. Secure additional vehicles to meet program needs
6. Secure additional funding to meet program needs